Special Thanks

It is my wish to let everyone know that "Giulia's Mission" is only possible with the help of others and I want to thank them for their huge efforts and generosity: 

Bob, a family friend, who helped me create this amazing website. 

Rachel, my aunt, who sends me plastic material from Switzerland so that I can sew my pouches. 

My Dad, who carries cookies to his work to sell them at his reception. 

Deanne and Donna, my Dad's secretaries, who promote the cookie sales in such a great way. 

My Mom, for always helping me buy the sewing supplies and making sure the cupboards are stocked up with ingredients for my bake sales.

And last but not least, all the wonderful people who support me in reaching my goal. 

Thank you so much! 


Thank you to everyone for your generous support with my project and your encouraging words!

Lina Caruso ~Canada 

Leslie and Doug Patchett ~ Canada 

Trudi and Roland Schmid ~Switzerland 

Thomas and Karin Schmid ~Switzerland 

Cornelia Buergi ~ Switzerland 

Helen and Felix Roesch ~ Switzerland 

Peter Koeferli ~ Switzerland 

Donna Payne ~ Canada 

Claudia Felder ~ Switzerland 

Sophie Spinnler ~ Switzerland 

Malcolm Green ~ Canada 

Julia Raposo ~ Canada